About Us

A message to our customers

"We advocate trust and respect in every relationship we build with our customers. We want you to have confidence in our consultants' abilities, intentions, and reliability. And it is produced through consistent behavior, communication, and transparency in our mandates. We treat everyone with dignity and professionalism, regardless of your position or status. When trust and respect are present, we create a mutual understanding, leading to increased productivity and better outcomes."

-The Cyber Twins,Founders

What About CyberTwins?

We worked in the past with multiple companies and in close relationships with CISOs.
We understand how challenging it becomes when businesses want to implement cybersecurity measures into their daily operations.
We worked on various projects that went over different fields in cybersecurity.
Our expertise is vision and guidance.
Our team use modern tools to exactly identify your external and internal threats to craft real attack vectors used by cybercriminals in your industry.
We also use a risk-based approach to establish a concise plan based on data and analytics to help you achieve cyber-resilience.
We are always dedicated to closely work with our clients to understand their unique challenges.
We develop customized solutions to your needs.